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Thursday, October 14, 2021
Midland Petroleum Club

501 W Wall St, Midland, TX 79701
8 AM - 5 PM With Reception to Follow

Cost of Attendance: $325


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Platinum – USD 5000

  • SPE provides sponsor logo giveaway

  • Sponsor to provide a full page (8.5x11) flyer to be distributed to attendees at registration

  • Two (2) complimentary workshop registrations

  • Logo on program, webpage and PowerPoint slide

For more information contact Ryan Yarger at


The ongoing integration of improving hard and soft technologies within the oil and gas industry has brought momentous changes: the explosion of activity into Unconventional Reservoirs, the maturing of Data Analytics, increasing utilization of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms, and the return of the United States to the top tier of global oil producers.  With a primary focus on Unconventional Reservoirs, we will cover the following topics during this Symposium while also providing Case Histories: Reservoir & Field Management, Improved Oil Recovery & Enhanced Oil Recovery methods, advances in Data Analytics, ML, and AI. The goal is to find out what worked – data and information engineers need to make informed decisions to improve performance, recoveries, and economics on their Unconventional and Conventional Reservoirs.



What is an SPE-PB Symposium?

Symposiums maximize the exchange of ideas among delegates and presenters through brief technical presentations followed by extended Q&A periods. Focused topics attract an informed audience eager to discuss issues critical to advancing both technology and best practices. The majority of the presentations are in the form of case studies, highlighting engineering achievements and lessons learned. In order to stimulate frank discussion, no proceedings are published and the press is not invited to attend. Providing a bridge between SPE conferences and forums, Symposiums provide a practical overview of a technology and showcase technologies that are just experiencing their initial field applications. The one day symposium will include morning and afternoon single-track sessions and typically host 150-180 attendees.

Program Format

The technical program is planned and conducted by the volunteer program committee. The program committee is comprised of 11 SPE members with expertise in the subject matter. Two committee members chair each of the technical sessions. Typically, each session lasts 90 minutes and includes 3 presentations. Speakers’ presentations should not exceed 20 minutes to maximize the opportunities for discussion. There will be opportunities at coffee breaks, luncheons, and receptions to promote informal discussion among attendees.

Continuing education units (CEU) will be awarded for completion of the workshop. The CEUs are calculated based on contact hours of participation in the workshop (1 credit per 10 contact hours).

Professional Development Hours (PDH) will be awarded for completion of the Symposium. The PDHs are calculated based on contact hours of participation in the Symposium (1 credit per 1 contact hour).

Following the symposium, attendees will receive a list of attendees and a link to a secure URL where they may view the released presentations. Presentations are approved and edited by the author prior to posting.



Enhanced Oil Recovery

Session Chairs: Yogashri Pradhan, Endeavor Energy Resources, and Ritthy Son, SM Energy

Enhanced Oil Recovery methods and techniques have matured tremendously over time and continue to improve. This session will examine the state-of-the-art as it expands into the realm of unconventional reservoirs encountering new challenges and possibilities.


Data Analytics

Session Chairs: Matthew Perry, Permian Diagnostic Solutions, and Dawn Porter, Stratum Reservoir

This session explores the impacts, and possibilities, of data analytics on well operations, oil field equipment performance, reservoir characterization, modeling, and recovery.


Fracture Driven Interactions

Session Chairs: Akiko Billings, Liberty Oilfield Services, and Ryan Yarger, EOG Resources

Fracture-driven interactions (FDIs) present a major challenge for operators as their well counts grow. Development plans are often modified and protection operations implemented in order to defend primary well production and to minimize depletion effects on infill wells. This session will focus on the diagnostics, quantification methods, and operational measures involved with FDIs.


Panel Discussion

Session Chairs: Flo Akintunji, Unitex Oil & Gas, LLC., and Shivani Vyas, Odessa Separator, Inc.

The Panel will discuss current completion and production technologies, along with anticipated advances and new concepts to further optimize reservoir recoveries.



0700 - 0755    Registration Check-In and Continental Breakfast

0755 - 0800    Chairperson's Welcome Breakfast


Billy Harris, Lodestone Oil & Gas Consulting

0800 - 0930    Session 1: Enhanced Oil Recovery

Session Chairs: Yogashri Pradhan, Endeavor Energy Resources and Ritthy Son, SM Energy


Presentation 1: Gas EOR in Tight Unconventionals - Present and Future

Mathias Carlsen, Whitson USA


Presentation 2:  Green and Cost-Effective Production Enhancement for Shale Oil with Microbial Enhancement    

Bo Lu, Rockwater


Presentation 3:  Reducing Uncertainty and Cost by Designing the Right EOR Study

David E Torrez Lopez, Stratum Reservoir, LLC.

0930 - 1000    Coffee Break

1000 - 1200    Session 2: Data Analytics


Session Chairs: Matthew Perry, Permian Diagnostic Solutions and Dawn Porter, Stratum Reservoir


Presentation 1: Optimizing Shale Development: Connecting Geomechanics and Drainage Using AI

Brendon Hall,                                                      


Presentation 2:  Production Drivers in the Midland Basin: Machine Learning

Kelsey Long, Novi Labs


Presentation 3: Data Driven/Machine Learning Powered Applications for the Permian

Phil Johnson, SparkCognition         


Presentation 4: Leveraging Real-Time Information to Drive Operational Efficiency for Drilling &

Completions Operations

Chris Schneider and Michael Lowder, Corva AI

1130 - 1300    Lunch

1200 - 1230    Lunch Keynote Speaker: Joshua Viets, Vice President – Delaware Basin, ConocoPhillips

1330 - 1430    Session 3: Fracture Driven Interactions

Session Chairs: Akiko Billings, Liberty Oilfield Services and Ryan Yarger, EOG Resources


Presentation 1: Real Time Wine Rack View Helps Drive Better Understanding of Fracture Driven

Clint Lott and Mike Rainbolt, Abra Controls                                                     


Presentation 2:  Integrating Real-Time Frac Hit Analaysis into Field Development Workflows

Bryan McDowell, Sabata Energy Consultants and Jon Giesbrecht, FracPro.AI              

1430 - 1500    Coffee Break

1500 - 1650    Session 4: Panel Discussion

The Panel will discuss current completion and production technologies, along with anticipated advances and new concepts to further optimize reservoir recoveries.

Session Moderators: Flo Akintunji, Unitex Oil & Gas, LLC. and Shivani Vyas, Odessa Separator


Panelist 1: Prasad Sumant, ExxonMobil Corp.


Panelist 2: Ray Ellis, Liberty Oilfield Services, LLC.                     


Panelist 3: Lance Reynolds, CrownQuest Operating, LLC.


Panelist 4: Andrew Quarles, Endeavor Energy Resources, LP.


1650 - 1700    Chairperson's Closing


1700 - 1830    Reception

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