Yogashri Pradhan
SPE-PB Chairman 2020-2021
Senior Reservoir Engineer
Endeavor Energy Resources

              With the last issue of the Pipeline for the section year, I want to take the opportunity to discuss our accomplishments as a section.


              Our section successfully held about 50 technical and professional events, 9 community service events, 1 Symposium, and one conference this year. This is through the efforts from the general board of directors, Completions and Operations Study Group, Data Analytics Study Group, Young Professionals Board, Members-in-Transition Committee, and Diversity and Inclusion Committee.

I would also like to share with you our section goals and progress:

Goal 1: Successfully integrate Trans Pecos Board Members and section members/students with the Permian Basin Section through professional/technical events and leadership opportunities.

We successfully completed this goal. In the 2019-2020 Section year, the Trans-Pecos Section became a part of our Section, expanding the jurisdiction to include Texas Tech University (TTU) and University of Texas of the Permian Basin (UTPB) as universities that the section supports. We would like to recognize students from both universities for volunteering in various section activities this section year, such as those provided by the Young Professionals and the CO2 Conference. Additionally, we would like to congratulate the UTPB and TTU students on their successful spring golf tournaments.


Goal 2: Launch Members-in-Transition initiative and have programs carry out webinars and professional events to benefit section members.

We successfully completed this goal in launching Members-in-Transition (MiT) in August and continue to have monthly webinars for students and our members who are looking for their next opportunities. The committee held five meetings this year in helping professionals that are in transition, such as through webinars and online workshops.


Goal 3: Complement community relation and other events through virtual platforms to maintain activity and engagement.

We successfully completed this goal through the Young Professionals Board. Additionally, be on the lookout for a virtual Energy4Me event coming this year to educate students. This will require numerous volunteers, such as yourselves, to participate in making videos teaching students of various grade levels about the oil and gas industry.


Goal 4: Create and utilize study groups for recent graduates, regular section members, and new section members to increase engagement breadth and leadership opportunities.

We successfully completed this goal by launching the Reservoir Study Group and the Production and Facilities Study Group. Last year, we successfully launched our Data Analytics Study Group, and they held 9 events this year in the Section. Our Completions and Operations Study Group also held eight events and one Symposium this year.

Goal 5: Launch a Diversity and Inclusion Committee to support diversity and inclusion initiatives for members

We successfully completed this goal in launching a Diversity and Inclusion Committee in August. Please review this Pipeline for the January meeting details from this Committee.

              Through these events, the section raised $60,000 in scholarships this year. I personally would like to thank your volunteers and members for helping us give back to the students’ education. We will have an awards ceremony for the Southwestern Region on May 20th, 2021 at the Midland Petroleum Club. We hope you can join us celebrate our Legion of Honors, regional award recipients, and scholarship recipients. Finally, I enjoyed serving as your Chair for the Permian Basin Section, and it is because of your volunteerism and membership that made this ever-changing year a successful one. I hope you have a wonderful Summer Holiday.