R. Son - Cropped Headshot.jpg
Ritthy Son
SPE-PB Chairman 2021-2022
Production Engineer
SM Energy

Thank you.

Those two words are very special this season. West Texas tea selling for $80 is reason enough to be grateful. After all, we remember when crude was half off this time last year! But this gratitude extends beyond oil price. The one thing that has remained the same, is our shared commitment in pushing performance limits.

The Permian Basin is projected to produce ~4.9 million BOPD in November. That’s over 40% of US oil production. These incredible results are delivered by the Permian folks who explore, drill, complete, and lift this asset. These are our family and friends. People who enrich our communities, our neighbors. But these results come at a price. Time. Spending it away from your loved ones is the most expensive price to pay. Be proud of what you do. This is a difference you can see. Look up in the kitchen when carving the turkey. Flip the switch. The lights will come on like they always have. Your work ensures that Permian energy empowers the nation.

Again, we have much to be thankful for. In this season of giving, our volunteers have invested their time to produce value for the community.

You might have enjoyed a good swing or shoot these past few weeks. It’s all fun and games… and you should know we raised over $130,000 across both our 30th annual golf tournament and 10th annual plays and clays shoot. These funds continue to support student scholarships for the next Texas Tech and UT Permian Basin leaders. We look forward to sharing the stories of the students whose future you’ve nurtured. Much appreciation is due to the dedicated efforts of Jeanette and James along with Jace, Alana, and Justin who serve on our golf tournament and clay shoot committees respectively.

We are still a knowledge organization at the core. Whether you’re conventional or unconventional, our recent section Oil and Gas Recovery Symposium bridged the gap on performance opportunities in this world class basin. Special thanks to Billy, Cathy, Yoshi, Ryan, Flo, Akiko, Jay, Matt, Shivani, and Dawn for advancing basin technical expertise.

Our 1200+ strong membership is fortunate to have volunteers who keep this Permian Basin section well oiled and balanced. This is a peek behind the scenes on the time and energy pumping out successful activities. Please thank our friends when you see them. Speaking of which… it’s important to note that these folks work across disciplines from data science to production. They advocate on your behalf by leading and organizing our study group meetings.

I encourage you to contact the chairs for these interest groups and get involved. Our SPE volunteers are many things, but always trustworthy. In every group you will find someone who:

· Treats you right in Completions & Operations

· Uncovers your potential in Data Analytics

· Lifts you up in Production & Facilities

· Understands your value in Reservoir

In the Permian, you’re always in good company. Let’s give thanks together this season. We’re with you for the long run.