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General FAQs

1. I'm no longer living in the Permian Basin area and wish to unsubscribe from either the Pipeline or the email list. How do I do this?

While we are sorry to see you leave the area, we do not handle local membership requests. We get our formal list of SPE members that live in the Permian Basin area from SPE International. If you want to suspend services or change any of your information, please login to your SPE International portal. Through your SPE International portal you can either change your address, unsubscribe from email list options, or change anything else related to your membership.


2. I want to become a sponsor, how do I get involved?

Please contact our Sponsorship Chair directly, their contact information is available on the last page in each edition of the Pipeline Newsletter. You can see a digital copy of the newsletter under the Pipeline Newsletter page of the website. 


3. I want to serve on BOD for the upcoming year, how do I apply?

We are grateful to have folks excited to serve our community! We elect a new BOD in May of each year. If you are interested, please contact our Chairman directly. Their contact information is also available in the Pipeline Newsletter.


4. Where are your events listed?

We have all of our events listed on the Events page and will advertise for upcoming events on social media. 

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